Friday, October 18, 2013

Drunk Elk tape 'Oceanus Procellarum'. Released through Doctor Guten Tag Records. Now Sold Out.
Coming soon in the vinyl format, released through Wormwood Grasshopper Records, should be out
around December. For further details, visit

Heres some kind words from Volcanic Tongue, about the Drunk Elk tape.

"Killer new limited cassette album from this form-defying Tasmanian avant garage trio: Drunk Elk marry the kind of crude psych/pop vision of New Zealand’s Scorched Earth Policy/Pin Group/This Kind Of Punishment with some supremely out melodic/rhythmic innovations that give the nod to The Shadow Ring, Kousokuya, Jim Shepard and The Shaggs. Oceanus... feels darker than the previous Under Neon Lights, working a similar magic to single chord solos and utterly wonked lead guitar as Mad Nanna but with a sense of apocalyptic urgency and fucked-up grandeur that is supremely dramatic. Think a folk-punk Jim Shepard drunk on the stars backed by a no-technique Josef K drilling two-note bass runs into the centre of your skull and you have the ultimate post-Velvets edge of the world navigation of the sound of lonesome nada. Stunning, still one of the best bands on the planet right now and very highly recommended."

David Keenan/Volcanic Tongue

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